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We are looking for Technical Sales Reps to bolster out sales team. The Reps need basic knowledge on Information Security and Cloud computing, market expertise, messaging and value propositions.

Experience: At least 2 years’ experience selling IT technical solutions

Education: A bachelor’s degree and relevant professional training and/or certification

Skills: The following skills are a requirement:


Writing and presentation abilities when it comes to interacting over email, social media, video conference or in person. Ability to tailor content and sales message delivery that are both engaging and informative


Ability to research potential buyers, conduct cold outreach, and create new opportunities.


Ability to gain an excellent understanding of any prospect’s company, business challenges and current priorities through asking well-informed questions that can identify pain points and desired outcomes

Business Acumen

Able to use business-level information (e.g. financial statements) to move a conversation forward around relevant pain points and return on investment

Social Selling

Understanding and knowledge of the latest social media trends and using major networks like LinkedIn (and tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator), Instagram, Facebook etc.



Skilled at being clear and concise. Ability to engage in an authentic manner in order to help our company stand out in the minds of buyers whilst appealing to buyers’ emotions and encouraging action, ultimately helping the buyers see how “like” clients have solved similar challenges with our solution


Active Listening

Good listening skills to connect with clients by staying in the moment and ensuring that the seller clearly understands what the buyer is saying.

Negotiation Skills

Must lead a disciplined negotiations process to close the sale while minimizing errors in proposals, pricing etc.

How to Apply: Email your application to

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