Netgate 7100 1U

The Netgate 7100 1U is an ideal high-performing and affordable rack unit for remote office, SMB, and enterprise networks. It provides complete hardware flexibility with storage, memory, and port expansion options.

Features ?

Rack Mount,  Expandable memory,  High Availability.

Upgradeable storage, Quick-Assist Technology & AES-NI.

Handles demanding IDS/IPS needs, Network expandable.

Who is this for ?

Medium Businesses, Large Businesses and  Data Centers.




L3 Forwarding: 18.60 Gbps

L3 Forwarding: 6.18 Gbps

CPU: Quad Core Intel® Atom C3558 2.2 GHz

Firewall: 6.81 Gbps (10k ACLs)

Firewall: 1.85 Gbps (10k ACLs)

Storage: 32GB eMMC (Upgradable to 256GB M.2 SSD)

IPsec VPN: 1.28 Gbps (AES-128-GCM / AES-NI)

IPsec VPN:  385 Mbps
(AES-128-GCM / AES-NI)

Memory: 8 GB DDR4 (Expandable to 24GB)

Network Ports: (2) 10 Gbps Intel x553 SFP+ ports

(8) 1 Gbps ports sharing a Marvell switch

(Expandable to 4-Port Intel 1 GbE on 1U)

(Expandable to 2- or 4-Port X710 Intel 10 GbE SFP+ on 1U)

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