Netgate 5100

The Netgate 5100 is a robust, high-performance, and future-proof device suitable for home, small business, and enterprise-class firewall, VPN, and router applications.

Features ?

Cost efficient / Low power,    Compact,

Silent operation (fanless),     Put on a desktop, shelf, or wall,

Upgradeable memory and storage, Handles demanding IDS/IPS needs,

Quick-Assist Technology & AES-NI,  High Availability,

Runs pfSense Plus or TNSR Software.

Who is this for ?

Home Users,  Medium Businesses,  Branch/Small Business




L3 Forwarding: 3.66 Gbps

L3 Forwarding: 3.78 Gbps

CPU: Quad Core Intel® Atomâ„¢ C3558 2.2 GHz

Firewall: 3.65 Gbps (10k ACLs)

Firewall: 1.84  Gbps (10k ACLs)

Storage: 8 GB eMMC (Upgradable)

IPsec VPN: 923 Mbps
(AES-128-GCM / AES-NI)

IPsec VPN: 380 Mbps
(AES-128-GCM / AES-NI)

Memory: 4 GB DDR4 (Upgradable to 16GB)

Network Ports: (4) GbE RJ45 Intel SoC Integrated MAC

(2) GbE RJ45 Intel i210

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