Security process and policy formulation – Once we understand your organization’s security vision we will help you craft an IS security policy and if required, create processes and procedures to make the policy operational.

Network status and security audits – We review an organization’s existing IT infrastructure, management, security, processes and performance to identify opportunities for improvement. This helps the organization to make more informed and strategic business decisions. Penetration Testing of applications can be included in security audits.

Enterprise risk management (ERM) – We work with organizations to help them get a clearer picture of the risks they carry on a day-to-day. One of the risk areas where immediate gains can be made is by creating and testing Business continuity Processes (BCP) and disaster recovery plan (DRP).

User security awareness training services – People are usually the weak link in Information Technology Security. The best technology and processes cannot secure your information assets if the people are not well informed. We offer training either in person or through automated systems.

Security As A Service (SAAS)- If you organization does not have the budget or scale to justify full time Information security personnel, we have you covered. We will deploy AND support your chosen information security systems